Rental Guide

Car Rental Duration
Minimum rental period is 24 hours.
A full day fee is charged for delays exceeding 3 hours in total.

Long Term Car Rentals
For long term car rentals, the minimum rental period is 30 days. Special prices are applied for these rentals. For detailed information about rental prices and information on rental conditions, you can call Kerem Rent A Car office on +90 322 248 02 27.

One Way Car Rental
If the vehicle is returned in a city other than the city from which it was taken, a One Way Fee is applied regardless of the rental period. For one-way fee information, you can contact Kerem Rent a Car customer service with the phone number +90 322 248 02 27.

Check Out Vehicle - Drop Vehicle
At Adana Şakirpaşa Airport and Adana center at any time of the day; Vehicle delivery and delivery is free of charge.

Driving License Usage Age in Vehicle Purchase
For all vehicle groups, it is required to be at least 25 years old and to have a 4-year domestic or international driving license.

Additional Driver
Other than the renter, the vehicle can be used by someone else, but it is possible to register the valid identity and driver's license of the drivers in accordance with the rules of the driver's license and the age of use. If there is no other registration and it is determined that the accident was made by the unregistered driver, the insurance will be invalid.

Issues Not Included In The Prices Of Car Rental
Prices include unlimited mileage of rented vehicles, vehicle maintenance costs and insurance.
Extra requests such as bridges, highway fees, fuel, traffic fines and extras and insurances (Theft Insurance, Tire, Glass, Headlight), one-way fee vehicle delivery and pick-up fees, baby seat, navigation device are not included in the prices.

Method of Payment - Deposit
Vısa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted for the payment of car rental fees. Payments are received by mail order form or as a cash deposit.

About Traffic Fines
in motorway traffic laws in Turkey need up to 120 km, 90 km and trunk roads in the inner city must be complied with while speed allowed is 50 km vermektedir.park PARK BAN signs.

Turkey will apply to movements resulting from failure to comply with traffic laws or the tenant's fault traffic fines and legal responsibility belongs to the hirer. After leaving the rented vehicle, traffic fines reaching Kerem Rent A Car are reflected to the tenant and the relevant amount is collected from the tenant in cash or by credit card (mail order).

The time that will pass because the rented vehicles are kept by the official or local authorities due to driver's fault is accepted within the contract period.

Kerem Rent a Car Other Services
You can call Kerem Rent A Car at +90 322 248 02 27 for your driver-driven luxury vehicle and transfer requests in line with your needs.
Vehicle Damage Liability Insurance (CDW)
Damages and all responsibilities that may occur during the use of the vehicles rented from Kerem Rent A Car belong to the person who rented the vehicle. Vehicle damage liability insurance covers material damages that may arise as a result of the tenant's use.

Vehicle Theft Insurance (TP)
The person who hires the vehicle guarantees the vehicle he rented against theft with this insurance.

Tire-Glass-Headlight Insurance (HTW / LCF)
The person who rented the vehicle can cover the damages that may arise from tire splitting, glass and headlight breakage, which are not covered by the insurance, with Tire-Glass-Head Insurance.

Damages that may arise from vehicle use, damage to internal and external equipment such as license, traffic set, license plate etc. on the vehicle are not covered by the insurance. Vehicle accident reports must be delivered to Kerem Rent A Car authorized personnel within 48 hours at the latest.

vehicles belonging to the lessor, applicable laws and insurance regulations in Turkey are secured by the mandatory and optional insurance. With the compulsory Financial Liability Insurance, which does not require an additional premium for the person who rented the vehicle, the treatment expenses and material damages of the third parties, except the driver who used the Kerem Rent A Car vehicle involved in the accident, are covered within the limits set by the law.

Apart from Kerem Rent A Car compulsory insurances, the following insurances are optionally offered to the person who rented the vehicle within the Kerem Rent a Car service. The person who rented the vehicle can benefit from the guarantees explained in this section by paying the daily extra fees and signing the acceptance box on the front of the contract.

In order for all insurances to be valid;

All traffic laws and rules must be followed,

The vehicle should not be misused and fully defective,

The vehicle should not be used under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

The vehicle must be used outside the legal speed limits,

Alcohol and traffic report
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